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Welcome To West Side Tire

customer bringing in tire                                    rich and customer               class car with owner

Customers will get their tires to                                                  Manager Rich takes the time to                               1932 Ford--Duane always

West Side Tire & Service any way possible.                               explain what needs done on the                               uses West Side Tire & Service

                                                                                                     customers car as well as the tire                               on his classic car.


rich on the phone          street view of youngstown

Manager Rich on the phone scheduling                  West Side Tire & Service Youngstown location (44509)

service for someone's important vehicle         

Is it you?


signs           dave working on engine        danielle with customer 

           West Side Tire & Service                          Dave in Youngstown focused              This gentleman says he only uses West Side Tire & Service

Youngstown location look for the signs             intently on finding what that                 and now he loves it even more thanks to Danielle's smile

                                                                            noise is under the hood                          along with his fresh cup of coffee from the Keurig.


father and son team work     brian and ray 

Rich and Brian work as a team to service all              More team work in Youngstown with Brian and Ray     

customers quickly and completely.

dave and brian tech desk       alta fleet

Dave and Brian at the Technicians counter                 West Side Tire & Service worked on a Fleet of buses from Alta

in Youngstown making sure everything is                  just in time for their yearly inspection.  Do you have a Fleet of vehicles?

correct on the invoice and that all inspections            Do you have an inspection coming up?  Make your reservation today.

have been completed for the customer.           


ray with brian while waiting for parts      rich putting spare back on van                customer brings donuts

  Ray in Youngstown finishes up a car while waiting         Rich putting the spare              West Side Tire & Service customer returns

on parts for our Alta Fleet project.                                      tire back on a van.                     with donuts to say "Thank You" for the

                                                                                                                                               fabulous tires and wonderful service.    

doug at counter      doug at desk             doug at tech desk                   childrens waiting area niles

Manager Doug in Niles takes the time to           Manager Doug is intently           Manager Doug is everywhere                Of course you can bring

explain all that was found and corrected            searching for parts for a             at our Niles location.  Here he              your children with you! Each

on a customers car.                                             customers vehicle.                      at our technicians counter making      location loves your little ones.

                                                                                                                               everything is on time for our customers.      


3 red cars in Niles                 birds eye view niles of oil change          roger in niles

What are the odds of having 3 red cars in our bay at              Your birds eye view of                 Roger in Niles gets ready to

the same time?  At West Side Tire & Service it                       Tyler in Niles doing an              lift a customers car for a tire

happens more often than you think.  The same                       oil change.                                  rotation and oil change.

make, model, or color but, we service them

all with care.


empty stool in niles                we have your tires             niles sign

No sitting down on the                  Do we have your tire size?  Call any of                 West Side Tire & Service Niles Location on 422

job at any of our West Side           our locations today.  If not in stock we                   Stop in and get that oil changed today before you

Tire & Service locations. We        can get them.  Youngstown 330-799-4894             take those summer road trips.

are ready to service your               Austintown  330-793-1309, 

vehicle !                                         Niles 330-544-2085


recycling oil                    pulling into bay           

All West Side Tire & Service locations                      Victor in Niles pulls a van into the bay to

recycle the waste oil.  Here in the Niles                      receive that grade A West Side Tire & Service

location Tyler empties the waste oil into the              attention.

recycling for later pickup to be recycled.


side view niles             victor with oil change

A bright spot on 422.  Driving East on 422 heading into Niles                Victor in Niles lifts the hood to begin a

we are on the left hand side.  Look for those red West Side Tire              full once over of the vehicle before he

letters.                                                                                                         starts the oil change.


thank you in niles            lilly and her power wheel        tyler on ladder

Roger in Niles received a                     Lilly can't wait until she can bring                       Tyler in Niles goes to all levels

special Thank You from a                 her big girl car into West Side Tire &                         to make sure your car is

customer for her new brakes.           Service just like Mommy & Grandma do.                        serviced properly


marvin in austintown           dj in austintown           austintown outside

Manager Marvin in Austintown              DJ in Austintown talks to a customer                 Austintown location enjoys a warm

checking his inventory for                     about the importance of having                        spring day while giving our customers

much needed tires for a customer         road hazard protection on his tires.                   the highest quality service.


 pothole comic                             best of the best snipped

Courtesy of The Business Journal                        West Side Tire & Service

and the perfect reason to visit                             voted Readers Choice Best

any West Side Tire & Service location              of the Best Tire Dealer by the

                                                                        Tribune Chronicle



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